Aditi Patwari, Dea's Founder & Textile A


Aditi Patwari is a Textile Artist and Designer who has created projects for Interiors, Stationery, and Fashion. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Textiles from Arts University Bournemouth, and a Master of Science in International Business from Hult International Business School. She has lived and worked in India, the UK, and the UAE, where she currently resides.

As an artist, her work often manifests itself in the form of textiles that showcase her journeys of duality - of traveling both outside and inside, of deconstructing and reconstructing architectural and cultural languages of different places. Aditi spends time studying the lifestyles and philosophies of different parts of the world - which opens her up to new realities, ways of living, thinking and being; resulting in an ongoing process of internal globalization and transformation. Subsequently, her work aims to bring people together by creating connections between contrasting ways of living and seeing the world. She is currently exploring ideas around what it means to be human and what it means to be part of society.

Aditi’s artworks have been exhibited in the US, UK, Germany, Italy, UAE, China, and Singapore, and featured in numerous publications including Harper’s Bazaar Art, Architectural Digest ME, The National AE, Khaleej Times and more. Aditi comes from a unique background in art, design, marketing and business. After her freelance projects at Nestle, Bosch, Ferrero and Coty Inc., where she worked with leading brands like Gucci, Burberry, Tiffany and Chloe, Aditi founded her bespoke textile brand Dea in 2019, which creates innovative art and design solutions for interiors in the Middle East.



  • January 2021 - Local Artist Feature, West Elm, Dubai Mall, UAE

  • December 2020 - Pameran Poskad, ION Art Gallery, Singapore

  • November 2020 - Dubai Design Week, In5 Design, Dubai Design District, UAE

  • October 2020 - World Art Dubai, Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

  • September - October 2020 - Muse, Toula Gallery, Online

  • September - October 2020 - Letters for Future, Poly Gallery, Karlsruhe UNESCO City of Media Art, Germany

  • August - September 2020 - The World is Flat, Independent & Image Art Space, Online, China

  • August 2020 - Textured, Envision Arts, Online, USA

  • June 2020 - Present  - Art Under Lockdown, Counterweave Arts, Online, Italy

  • March - August 2020 - The Extended Body; Mixing Cultures, Its Liquid, The Line Contemporary Art Space, London, UK

  • March 2020 - Art Connects Women, Zee Arts & Hybella, Hilton Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, UAE 

  • June 2017 - Textiles Graduate Show, Arts University Bournemouth, UK

  • February 2017 - Arts Fair Fashion Show, Museum of Design in Plastics, Arts University Bournemouth, UK

  • July 2014 - Foundation Graduate Show, University for the Creative Arts, UK


  • September - October 2020 - UCU Creative Retreat, Online, Singapore


  • 2020 - Curators of Color Award/Sponsorship, The Ziegler Collection

  • 2017 - Women in Business Scholarship & Future Leaders Scholarship, Hult International Business School

  • 2014 - Arts University Bournemouth & British Council Great Scholarships Scheme   



Natural Formations Triptych 1 - By Aditi

One of a kind handmade prints inspired by the natural patterns observed in the Northern Irish landscape.

Structured Chaos 2 Close-up


In 2019, Aditi Patwari founded Dea, a bespoke textiles brand bringing innovative concepts to the Middle East. 

Dea's motto is to transform textile art and design; to keep traditional techniques

alive, while embracing innovative modern day technologies.

They do this in two ways: 

1. Bespoke art pieces for interiors and

2. Textile solutions for designers

Find out more about our Textile Art Collections and Textile Design Solutions here.



Bespoke textiles for commercial & residential projects


This collection celebrates Bali's gorgeous landscapes and ancient architecture, along with its rapid commercialization due to the vast amount of tourist attention the city gets. 

These Statement Wall Installations are bespoke and customizable to create a unique and personalized experience for clients and collectors. 

The 'Bali Bohemia' Collection draws inspiration from the ancient Hindu philosophies used in Balinese temple architecture and Vastu principals that help create balanced spaces and minds.

Temple of Energy by Aditi Patwari - Dea
Structured Chaos 2 by Aditi Patwari - Dea


A collection of bespoke textiles that combines the history, culture and innovation of Dubai – a true representation of what the city stands for.

These Statement Wall Installations are bespoke and customizable; to create a unique and personalized experience for clients and collectors.

The 'Dubai Darbaar' Collection draws inspiration from the Islamic Art philosophy that - a single motif, if repeated multiple times, can create the entire universe.


Recreate is the latest collection of artworks by Aditi Patwari, made using 100% up-cycled materials and found objects. Discarded printed papers have been painted over using mark making techniques with brushes and sponges, and fabric off-cuts from Aditi''s Bali Bohemia collection have been used for collaging. 

The time spent at home during Covid-19 has given everyone a lot of time to think about the way we live. We weren’t prepared for the events of 2020, but we can start making changes now to prevent or reduce the impact of the next potential crisis - climate change.

So this series is an effort to reimagine unused materials from our previous artworks. Let’s create a better, healthier future for our planet.

Reinvent by Aditi Patwari - Dea
Internal Ideas by Aditi Patwari - DeaDubai Darbaar Collection by Aditi Patwari - Dea Textile Dubai


Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh and a romantic trip to Amsterdam, these textiles represent the city's buildings and bicycles.

An interpretation of post-impressionist techniques is shown through mark making and collaging. Paper cutting and CAD embroidery are used to add playful motifs reflecting the city's upbeat atmosphere.


Inspired by a joyous summer in Thailand, this project explores the country's beautiful architecture and vibrant colors.

These textiles and prints are a celebration of Thailand's rich history, people and flavors - that are overwhelming in the best way possible.

Thai Dreams Collection by Aditi Patwari - Dea
Budapest Boho by Aditi Patwari - Dea


Inspired by Budapest's churches and colorful tiled roofs, this project utilized a bohemian theme and colors.

Combinations of bold patterns represent the city's bold nature. And CAD embroidered details and laser cutting add depth to the textiles.